1. Overview

H.K Engineering Consulting Co., Ltd was established on May 06, 2002 under the business registration licence number 4102009733 issued by Ho Chi Minh City Department of Planning and Investment.
H.K Engineering Consulting Co., Ltd is a Vietnamese construction consultancy company which specializes in premium consultative services and design on M&E engineering construction, project supervision, and project management at international standard. H.K is one of the few leading companies in specialized M&E construction consultancy in Vietnam and has gained significant achievements.

H.K has recruited a group of professional engineers who have the capabilities of working independently, consulting, designing, supervising, and project managing at international standards for both commercial and industrial projects. Our professional technical staffs’ performance is initiated on doing thorough research on customers’ demands and interests so as to offer the most satisfactory engineering solution to meet the customer’s requirements. In reality, we have succedded in design consulting for many demanding project such as hotels, offices, trade centers, hospitals, factories, especially GMP –WHO/EU/FDA pharmaceutical factories.

2. Quality guarantee

All design documents of the project technical systems issued by H.K conform to Vietnamese  National Construction Code, and Vietnamese designing and construction standards; H.K also applies standards of other countries and international organizations currently approved and applied by the Ministry of Construction such as ISO, BS, AS, NF, ASTM, WHO/EU/FDA GMP standards. In addition to conformity of the above mentioned standards, H.K always uses the experiences practically accumulated in the performed works for engineering design.

* With our motto – Customers’ benefits come first- we offer consultancy to customers on the most effective way of budget investment in their projects. In addition, costs economizing is always taken into account in all our engineering consultancy and design projects.

* H.K wishes to continuously and powerfully develop to deliver efficient and cost effective solutions to better satisfy our customers’ requirements on technical and professional expertise.

On March 13, 2007 Bureau Veritas Certification certified that the Management System of H.K Engineering Consulting Co., Ltd. has been audited and found to be in accordance with the requirements of the management system standards ISO 9001:2000 (issued by BVQI – British), scope of supply “Provide Services of Mechanical- Electrical Consulting and Design.”

3. Initiatives

H.K sets targets of not only quality and progress assurance but also applied quality improvement for each particular project with criteria such as energy saving, enviromental friendliness, and satisfactory expense. When suggesting options for the Owner’s approval, these criteria are always considered the most important ones. Thanks to the Client’s trust and H.K’s determination to innovate, H.K’s design consultancy has succedded in applying significantly improved solutions and effective usage for many projects.
The success of construction projects in terms of energy saving and environmental friendliness proves to benefit the country in current context of widely electricity shortage and environmental pollution.

4. Technology, capacity & experience

• HK using assistive modern technology design tools to improve their technical capacity to effectively and rapidly respond promptly to the needs of the customers.
• Our devoted, professional, responsibility and friendly are capble to meet all the requirements of our customers, have brought the best benefits.
• Consulting Co., Ltd. Technical HK wishes to continuously and powerfully develop to meet the technical expertise required to serve your company better.

5. Funtions of business

Architecture and struture consultancy for commercial and industrial works
- M&E engineering consultancy and design:

o       Ventilating and air conditioning systems
o       Stair pressurization system
o       Industrial refrigeration system
o       Heat supply system
o       Lighting power system
o       Dynamic power system
o       Extra low voltage system (BMS, TEL, LAN, F.A, P.A, CAM, TV.v.v..)
o       Lightning protection system
o       Residential water plumbing system
o       Supply water treatment system
o       Waste water treatment systemo
o       Storm water drainage system
o       Fire protection and extingushion sytems
o       Compressed air system for pharmaceutical factory
o       .etc.

Tendering consultancy:
o         Establish Tender Invitation Documents
o         Consult recommended list of experienced and qualified tenderers
o         Establish Assessment report on Tender Documents in comply with tender law in force

Investment and project management consultancy:
o       Organize to establish investment report/investment project/eco-technical report
o       Organize to establish investment report/investment project/eco-technical report
o       Manage performance of contract signed by other contractors and the Owner; help the Owner to manage project quantity, quality, progress, labor safety, and environmental sanitation
o       Evaluate the situation of project performance, master project performance processes to make plan for project management and control
o       Manage project progress, revise and reset progress plan (if necessary)
o       Evaluate changes relating to design, construction, procurement, labor safety, environmental sanitation, fire prevention, checking and taking over, operation training; propose solutions to make sure that these changes will not affect the project safety, quality, and progress.
'o       Report on shortcoming and delay in project performance of other contractors so that they have repairing solutions and actual solutions to finish the project in comply with committed progress. On basis of solutions submitted by contractors, project management consultant evaluates and recommends his own solutions to finish the project in comply with the planned progress.
o       Evaluate situation of project quality
o       Check, combine, and report design related changes/additionals during project performance
o       Help the Owner to control risk relating to the project
o       Consult and help the Owner to systematise and control project documents
Make and manage plan of experiment, inspection, checking and taking over in comply with the overall progress

Supervision consultancy at construction site:
o       Supervise, check, and report to the Owner conditions of project commencement in accordance with the law in force
o       Supervise, check, and report to the Owner the competence suitability of contractors in comparison with tender documents and construction contract
o       Supervise, check, and report to the Owner the quality of equipment, material and machine installed in the project by construction contractors and equipment supply contractors following design requirements
o       Supervise, check, and report to the Owner the process of project construction
o       Report to the Owner and coordinate related parties to deal with all problems and additionals during project construction

o       Other duties:
+       Supervise and report to the Owner the construction progress at each time of task completion in comply with technical standards, executing methods, and quality management progress. Submit weekly report on project progress to the Owner;
+       Supervise and report to the Owner the impact of all additionals and delay to the agreement on progress. Receive all payment request of other contractors and submit to the Owner;
+       Contact and coordinate all consultants, contractors, and sub-contractors to submit guideline and instruction of operation and maintenance, inspection certificate,   warranty, as-built drawing, and installation diagram;
'+      Check and inspect completed tasks in comply with the Contract and Design drawing before issuing acceptance certificate. Check and inspect work items that need reparing during construction and at the final stage of the construction;
+       Premilinarily evalute all submited documents (shop drawings, construction method drawings, material samples, experiment reports submited by contractors and/or subcontractors).
+       Issue instructions of supervision manager to supplement/remove/edit work contents compared to the original contract  with the agreement of the Owner.
+       Other works mentioned in the contract signed with the Owner.

Establish investment projects, eco-technical reports;
Establish construction budget and estimate of construction;
Evaluate technical design;
Evaluate construction budget and estimate of construction;
Provide package consultancy of construction from project establishment to project construction payment for pharmaceutical factory project

6. Domain of business

Domestic and foreign areas.

7. Scope of services

• Civil construction projects:
o    Office buildings;
o    Universities and research centers;
o    Museums, cultural dwellings, and halls;
o    Hospitals;
o    Gymnasia and sports projects;
o    Premium residential apartments and buildings;
o    Hotels and resorts;
o    Department stores and shopping centers;
o    .etc.
• Industrial construction projects:
o    ASEAN/ WHO/ EU/ FDA GMP pharmaceutical factories
o    Textile and garment factories
o    Industrial zones
o    .etc.

8. Role of HK for projects

Khi thực hiện công trình nếu có sự chỉ dẫn của nhà tư vấn, dự án sẽ tránh bị ùn tắc và chậm tiến độ, kiểm tra được chất lượng công trình, kiểm soát được chi phí trong suốt quá trình thực hiện dự án. Vì vậy, nhà tư vấn rất cần cho dự án, nhà tư vấn sẽ phối hợp các nhà thầu trong dự án nhằm giúp cho dự án đạt được tiến độ dự kiến, kiểm soát các hợp đồng và tư vấn để chủ đầu tư tiết kiệm được nguồn ngân sách đầu tư một cách hiệu quả nhất;
Đến với Công Ty TNHH Tư Vấn Kỹ thuật H.K của chúng tôi Quý Công ty sẽ thấy được hiệu quả kinh tế một cách rõ rệt khi có tư vấn của chúng tôi cho các công trình của Quý Công ty thì chất lượng của công trình sẽ như là Quý Công ty mong muốn;
Chúng tôi rất mong nhận được sự quan tâm từ Quý Công ty và hy vọng có cơ hội cộng tác với Quý Công ty một cách tốt đẹp nhất.

9. Contact us

Engineering Consulting Co.,Ltd wishes to receive customers’ consideration and hopes to have opportunities to serve our clients at our best. H.K is willing to provide further information at the following address:
Contact person: Mr. Pham Dang Khoa - Director
Add: 11 Dao Duy Anh St., W.9, Phu Nhuan Dist. HCMC
Tel: +84 028 38424105 / 38424106
Fax: +84 028 38424107

Contact person: Mrs. NGUYEN THI KIM PHUONG
Add: 11 Dao Duy Anh St., W.9, Phu Nhuan Dist. HCMC
Tel: +84 028 38424105 / 38424106
Fax: +84 028 38424107